The Plan

Check out the pictures below. It's interesting how the two images juxtaposed one underneath the other look somewhat like a Johannesburg yingyang.

The first impressive quasi-spaceship-erection is Soccer City just on the outskirts of Soweto (short for South Western Township) which is where Thursday's opening World Cup festival will be held. The stadium is out of this world. Natalie and I are going to the opening show and can't wait for the fun to begin. All the cool kids will be there: Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Johan Stemmet, Parletones, you name it!
The second quasi-spaceship-erection over Johannesburg is the spaceship from the movie, District 9. It too is out of this world. Tourists from abroad may be disappointed to discover that it no longer hovers over the Soweto skyline. I enjoyed that movie by the way. Very poignant.
Before the 2010 World Cup madness begins in my hometown (I feel rather proud in writing that), I need to jot down my plans for the upcoming season. Every year I have the same allotted amount of hours within which to train. That's about 8 hours per week on average, up to a maximum of 18 hours in my peak week. And I have entrenched in my planning that these hours should not interfere with family life. This is my #1 priority. Natalie checks in now and again to ensure that I abide by this rule. She is an accountant - very little gets past her.
So without additional hours, I can only train smarter, never more. And before I whip up how I will do that I set out my goals for the year ahead.
June – get into the gym, some swimming
July – Training starts. Caveman diet. Maybe Green Beret. Lots of base training.
Aug - Base
Sep – Base & Build & Speed work
Oct – Energade Triathlon season – RobbyRicc to kill everyone and place in his age group
Nov – Have sprog#3 and celebrate with a sub 3 marathon
Dec – Rack up the Husband Points (HPs). Chilled training and family time. Lots of running.
Jan – Swim/bike/run
Feb – Prestige Ultra Half Ironman Distance Race - 4.30 target and qualify for SA team to go to ITU Nevada (Silverman) in November 2011
Mar - Run everywhere
Apr – Maybe Ironman South Africa if the wife allows and my training warrants it
May – Comrades (Silver sub 7.30)
It's almost too easy on paper. I need to figure out how to stick that plan to the blog to ensure I'm honest. I'll let that plan settle in before digging into the micro planning. Of course my mate and mentor Keeto is also on board. He keeps me back and sets the bar as required.


  1. Robby may join you for the Prestige Ultra Half - where is that held? I'd need to get there from CT so will have to think about logistics. The other option for me is doing SA 70.3 - currently weighing up the options.

  2. Yo Houston! The Prestige is held at the Vaal river about an hour from Joeys. Flight is your best option. We have some cheap internal flights (Kulula, Mango, etc) about R300 to R600. Mi casa e su casa. Why not do both 70.3s?!

  3. Rob
    You are one funny man (Opening Concert remark)

    best of luck with your schedule. Some big targets there, but if we don't aim high we will never achieve.