After the aftermath?

The boys ran in pink socks and shoelaces in support of the Breast Cancer charity. A lady stopped me at the 30k mark, took off her cowgirl hat to reveal her shaved head and thanked us for our efforts in running in pink. She was in stage 3 chemo, and I got pretty choked up. I told her she needs to give it horns and fight the good fight. She told me no problem, and that she was a fighter. One tough cookie.

All striped numbers indicated that we were virgins last year and are doing the double-down-run which would get us a second medal for our efforts.

All pasty white from the sunscreen. Eyebrows are nice and weird because of the vaseline to prevent sweat dripping into the eyes.
There is no such thing as too much vaseline. I had zero blisters after the race, and zero chaffing anywhere.
Plasters on the nipples is paramount. It'll save your life.
The day after we had breakfast at the Pirates Lifesaving club and then went for a dip in the ocean. Bliss for the legs.
After brekkies we went shopping in the factory area in North Durban. How cool are these shoes? New Balance rocks! Pity they don't do these in neutral
Monday night we went our for drinks at Hooters. It was meant to be a night of debauchery including lewd and lascivious behaviour however the legs and spirit were overly tired. This was despite meeting the awesomely named Coco Chanel.

The Blur brothers were fired up watching South Africa beat Paraguay 5-0 in a pre-World Cup soccer match.
Just getting warmed up,

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