What a Day!

We had three plans for race day:- Plan A was 8.58. Plan B was 8.38. Plan C was 8.28.
Plan A slipped away at 30k's when the pain in Steve's body slowly broke him down. His ITB and quads were like knives and no matter what he tried, he could not run without searing pain reducing him to tears. He tried to bail at 35k's, and then for the next 15k's, but we wouldn't let him. We started as a team and we'd end as a team. Amazingly enough, despite the belief that he would bail at the half way mark, he recovered just as Keith's ITB flared up reducing him to a limp on the downhills. With uphills always a problem, we only managed consistent bouts of running on the flatter sections.

The camaraderie made it easier to continue and so we did. Despite the jarred knees and broken muscles, we persevered. All in all, we had a legendary day - one to cherish forever.

One of the guys in the club - Doc - had an amazing and strange day. Click on link 1 to find out about Doc. He is one inspirational dude. And then click on link 2 to see if Doc finished.
Loving those goosies,



  1. you guys are really 3/4 brilliant and 1/4 nuts!! Cheers! kudos to Doc! what a guy!

  2. Thanks LRC! We love Doc. He is pretty inspiring and one of the most interesting characters you'll ever meet. He's also my kids' doctor and does housecalls whenever anyone gets the flu. How cool is that? What a legend.