Keeto, Speedos and Compression socks

I wrote this piece back in 2005 when I first got to know Wayne Keet.

Keeto was doing his 5-Race-Hell-Month which consisted of:
  • Danish World Middle Distance Champs
  • Ironman UK
  • London to Paris Triathlon (what Eurostar?!)
  • Half-Ironman Monaco 70.3
  • Half-Ironman UK
Even now when race distances like that do not scare me too easily, it scares the daylights out of me that someone would try achieve that in one month!

Here’s what I wrote then:

In his last event of 5-Race-Hell-Month, I didn’t expect that Keeto would take the Longleat 70.3 Half Ironman Race seriously. He’ll just hang in there and make it to the finish line, that’s all anyone could expect of anyone after 5 weeks of ultra-endurance. After my first ascent up THE HILL, I was expecting Buhr the Blur, if anyone, to come past me on the bike. That too would happen. Only several k’s later.

It was therefore with much surprise that I saw the Keeto-Express come flying past me on the road. My lungs were still recovering from the climb and I was holding onto my handlebars, which were being buffeted from side to side by the wind. I was going full tilt when Keeto pulled up alongside me.

Keeto - “Captain! Looking good.”
RobbyRicc – “China Bean! Where the hell did you come from?”
Keeto – “That swim was terrible. I’m hurting bad. Keep it going.”

And with that he tore off into the distance at a pace that can only be described as furious. Pain threshold, good people, has a new name. Keeto's Quest continues....

3 years later Keeto (pictured above) was able to provide me with a bit of his background in the sport of triathlon and to update us on his current activities.

94kgs playing rugby (hooker/prop) for Stellenbosch University. Realised chicks don't dig props, hence start of running 5km fun runs. After 4 x Comrades, decided to give triathlon a bash. Although my 1st Olympic triathlon (1,500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run) was a disaster. Bought a bike out of the Loot, never used clipless pedals until race day and could not get feet out at dismount line. Fell over in front of marshalls, who just laughed at me. Swore never again! After World Champs in New Zealand, realised I was not suited to short distance and signed up for my first Ironman (IM) in Switzerland.

At the moment I’m in retirement, so apart from decorating nursery, nothing. When racing, spent a lot of time on turbo trainer.

Best race:
Although IM Florida was a PB (personal best), I would say that my favourite race has to be the Comrades Marathon (89km ultra marathon). 2003 in particular, as I felt so strong from IM training. There is unfinished business there, and I need that silver medal (sub 7h30m).

Best advice:
More miles don’t lead to better race times.

Craziest training session:
Had a few crazy sessions, some killed me, some made me stronger. This year I signed up for a multi-terrain marathon in February to train for Two Oceans (56km ultra marathon).
Got to race venue, pssing with rain and there was mud everywhere. To cut a long story short, we could not even run in some places. Realised this was not doing me any good. So after the 21km loop, pulled the plug and drove home. I was SPITTING mad for wasting a morning.

Knowing I had to do 42km that day, got into my hut in my backyard with treadmill and hammered out a 42km run in 3h20mins. All in all, 63km run that day and I felt great! Although I did run the last 10km in my speedo and compression socks :)

Initial goal was to qualify for IM Hawaii, but that is no longer. Current goal is to recover from shoulder surgery and get fit and healthy again. Give guidance to a few friends who are hoping to get to Kona.

Year ahead:
Wife is due in March, so will be spending a lot of time in my lactate threshold zone of changing nappies.

Keep living on the edge ala Aerosmith

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