Fever Pitch

It's all systems go in South Africa. Here are some of the more respectable pictures from the last few days. Below are the Cows making a grand appearance at the Sandton Bafana Bafana Road carnival. Some said there were 180,000 people in the streets. Others said 250,000. Either way, it was pleasant chaos.

People came out in their finest colours to show the team that we are behind them 100%.
Bafana Bafana fans love The Cows.
The opening Music Festival on Thursday evening was superb. The picture below shows a glimpse of Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president, on the right hand screen. The guy a few seats in front of me looked like his body double. Natalie and I without the kids. A rare treat.
South African Breweries provided the new named beer, South Africa. R15 a can (about 2 dollars). Tastes like Castle Lager.

Even a new wine was released for the occasion. Bafana Bafana rose' and white.
We saw this amazing painted banner at the Argentina v Nigeria match. Maradona, Argentina's coach, was posing as always, blowing kisses to the crowd. What a character. Messi was on fire - a magical player which explains why his country hold him in high regard.
Some frauleins provided some outside stadium entertainment. Lots of Ozzies in the crowds. The Germans proved to be a clinical and impressive team.
Ozzies looking after their own. Lots of roos in the stadium.
Every stadium so far has been breathtaking - Durban was no different.
Holland v Denmark. The Dutch outnumbered the Danes. I tried to take a picture of the girl with the orange umbrella and ended up getting in a guy with balls on his head. You can't have everything.

The Brazilians overwhelmed the North Koreans in the stands, but not on the field. I'd imagine most countries are thankful the split between the north and south of Korea remains intact lest the two teams put together a formidable super-team.

Despite my efforts to bolster the Korean support, the Brazilians beat them 2-1.

We are now preparing for South Africa's second match against Uruguay. Victory will ensure the public euphoria with Saffers losing their minds and few people making work tomorrow. Not a bad thing.

Wave your flag,



  1. Nice Pix Rob. Been waiting to see these....so the guy with the set of balls on his head...does it mean the set down stairs are painted the same color?

  2. Thanks Lilly Rose. With the interesting characters around at the moment I would not be suprised that people have a matching set of everything. If it's out there, I'll take a picture of it and post. This is investigative journalism at its best. ;o)