Alien Baby

That is not a snapshot from the movie Alien. It, according to Jake, is Zucchina (baby marrow). She's very little still (15 weeks old) and will be joining my family this November. Natalie & I are stoked! Jake broke the information to everyone saying that "My mommy has a baby in her tummy."

I have been getting Natalie to read Gordo's wife's posts at Endurance Corner so she knows what is possible in keeping fit during the pregnancy. Natalie is still running with the club in the mornings and is still quite comfortable. The trick, I understand, is don't overheat and don't jack up the heart rate.

Two and a half weeks to Comrades. I managed 80 kilometres last week and will probably do the same this week. Post-IM, the trick is not to do too much and not to put yourself back into a post-Ironman funk. The body is holding up quite well and we (me, Alberto & the twins - Keith and Steven Buhr) are aiming for a Bill Rowan which is a sub-9 hour run. For reference purposes, last year I managed a 10.52, after aiming for an 8.30. That was fun - NOT! It was an ill-conceived, (some would say bold?) and thumbsucked prediction so hopefully this year is better.

I'm not thinking too much about the big day and going with the flow rather than having a detailed plan of attack like I did at Ironman. The trick is to start off slow and try not to slow down too much.

Keith said we are spending 8 hours something during the run from Pmb to Durbs thinking of girls names for Zucchina.

Good times,


  1. Congrats Robby - awesome news! You've got plenty of carrying to do over the finishing line of your next IM - may need to get in the gym to prepare!

    Think you're mad doing Comrades, I'm still enjoying a bit of R&R before even thinking about putting on the run shoes again

  2. Thanks Houston! I am pretty excited about the whole ordeal. Going to have to work the guns this winter if perchance the wife changes her mind and lets me do IMSA next year.

    As for Comrades, it'll be a great day catching up with the Blurs. It's worth it just for the entertainment value.

  3. Congrats on the baby! Can't wait to see her pixs! She'll be a beauty!