Psyched Up

December is upon us. There's a chunk of office work off my plate and I'm gearing up for a week of time trials. I consider the time ground zero as my training is not yet airborne.

All things constant, for IMSA2010, we're looking at 60 minutes for the swim (1m31s for 100m) , 5h30m for the bike (33kph), 3h30 minutes for the run (4m56s per k).

Using those speeds, I'm aiming to hit a fey key Keeto sessions. If I am able to get close to those speeds after the 2 back-to-back 75 hour work weeks, I'll be a happy man.

Now to get the mind activated and fired up. Aside from the music (what on earth are they singing about?), the surfing gets me amped.

Engines ready,



  1. Robby
    WOW That is a awesome time you're aming for. Good luck with training.

  2. Johan,
    I have found that saying and doing are very different things ;o)
    However, my good mate Keeto is paving the training road for me. All I have to do now is get on it!
    Enjoy your training too, and good luck.