Triathlon Plus

Yours truly is now officially published. Who would've thought? Triathlon Plus, the UK's top tri mag, approached me for my word skills out of a wide selection of top sporting triathlon journos and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. OK - that's not entirely true if I am totally honest. A friend of a friend's boyfriend asked me if I could pen something together on uberbikers. It just so happened that the dude was a legend athlete and coaching editor (and super dude in his own right), Phil Mosley. And voila. Published. Who would have thought. I may add the title "International Writer" to my title. Sounds better than my current title of "Senior Ubershmuck" bestowed unto me by my peers, friends, loved ones, enemies, people who have just met me, etc.

I don't really consider myself a true blogger. Just someone with too much in his head who needs to bleed out his mind onto cyberspace now and again if it complies with the following:
  • endurance sports related;
  • motivating;
  • must be as honest and original as possible;
  • must act as an irreverent guide to my former self of five years prior;
  • must be gonzo journalism at its coolest.
Anyhow, it seemed there needed to be thought and reason for sharing words. My friend The Blur asked me in his usual tactful way, "Why?" I told him I enjoy the writing's therapeutic ability. Now I can just say, I did it for the exposure to the world's media, and so the ladies will envy my wife.

Good Night, And Good Luck,



  1. Thanks Johan. How cool would it be if one could do this for a living and still be able to pay the rent? Stay solid. Rob

  2. What page is it on son? Did they credit the writing with your name?

  3. It is in the This is Your World section. I wrote all the small uber biker articles, i.e. great bike performances in triathlon/duathlon in the last 4 years. My name is really small (Hemingway might have complained) to the left of the first article on Chrissie. I also contributed something for next month's mag. Looking forward to that because I wasn't certain if it was too risky a piece. Also Triathlon Plus will be available in South Africa from December. Let me know what you think - all (constructive and guileless) comments welcome.