Here's an email I sent to friends regarding IMSA 2010 which you may, or may not, find helpful......


Some of you may be poked from having trained/raced lots in the past few months. I strongly suggest you guys rest in December if you need it. You need to be fresh come January. Key points for the training ahead:

  • consistency is key
  • the structure is 2 hard wks; 1 easy wk (to absorb training and recharge batteries); repeat
  • 3 swims/3 bikes/3 runs/1 brick. If you miss a session, don't stress and don't try catch up.
  • SWIM:- always try smooth out your strokes. Breathing easy is priority number 1.
  • BIKE:- no need to smash the bike. Just get used to riding long in the small and big blade.
  • RUN:- 2 weekly club runs, one weekend long slow run. Some bricks. Easy peasy.
  • intensity and speed not required. Rather be strong. IM is about who slows down the least.
  • do core work once per week. Start easy, it can be a bit taxing.

Most of you are green berets so man up.

Let me know if you have any questions.



  1. Robby

    Hope you're doing well mate! I didn't realise IMSA was a bit later in the year - you're actually competing just 1 week before me (I'm doing IM St George, the new one in Utah on 1 May).

    So looks like we're both nicely into the 5 month programme to race day. I'm going to be in CT staying with Diego 21 Jan - 6 Mar to try and get a decent build in during that grim part of the UK winter. Remote working which should be an interesting experiment.

    Congrats on the cow thing, hope you get as much success with the IM!

  2. Houston, your news is good news.

    Glad to hear you're coming down to visit the best place on earth. Mi casa in Joburg es to casa. I've sent you details of races I'll be doing. Vaal Half Ironman weekend may be a good weekend for you to come visit in Joburg. My house is open. I'll organise some exercise.

    IM ST G! Me thinks Houston will kick some Utahnian buttsky...


  3. Robby
    Very sound and helpful advice
    Enjoy the Holiday season

  4. Thanks Johan.
    Keep up the good work with your blog posts. You set a high training standard so it's good to keep me honest. Merry Christmas and all the best for an inspired 2010.