Moove Left

That's me on the ice cream bike. With the help of 6 different towing riders throughout the day I managed the 94.7, with apparent ease. Two riders blew themselves to bits at the half way mark and I had them replaced with men with bigger quads. I felt like Ben Hur.

Tuesday night was the CHOC Cow afterparty at CHOC house in Saxonwold, near the Joburg zoo. It was pretty awesome. The final figures are in and we made circa R2,200,000.00. Plenty moolah for the new kid's cancer house at Chris Hani Baragwanath in Soweto. Someone even donated a free van for kids transport. Very cool. And so concludes an incredibly taxing and rewarding year. The Cows have been asked to do a few Christmas gigs too. I'm not sure I have the stamina.

I together with the co(w)mmittee were awarded a personalised cow. Mine is called Mama Mia and is meant to represent something - maybe the colour I go when I stay in the sun too long? It will now stand proudly in my office at home. Now onto Ironman training, where life is - thank goodness - as it should be.

OK - one last cow clip but that's it.

No more bad cow jokes,


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