Anatomy of an Accident

For those of you who are squeamish, please do not read any further.

Seriously - look away now and come back next week if there's a new post up by then.

OK - you can have a quick squizz but don't look at Kit's leg. Maybe look at the screen using one hand to block the picture. That gash cost him 30 stitches - 5 on the inside, the rest what you see right there. How did it happen? Well, I explained that in my last post, but it seems that the ice cream bike has a mind of its own. I'm thinking for next year, if there is a next year, we need to have an ice cream bike race prior to the event so that all the riders get used to handling the machines. And also so that we ensure the bikes are working. We had one ice cream bike malfunction at 20k's to go mark. And most of the others ball bearings nearly seized up. I had to pour water over the wheel hub and it sizzled. Seriously, like pork sausages on a skottel.

Ok, here are the boys and girls getting ready for the day. We left at 7.40am, and had our own starting paddock. The temperature was about 25C degrees. It got to about 30C degrees. Note the cows behind us lying down under the trees away from the sun. It was that hot.

And so the race began.

The team were like a flock of birds heading home for the winter. Whoever was string enough would lend a helping hand. Some held on at the back for as long as they could.

And then all of a sudden Kit's crew had a bit of a prang. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Please do not look further if you are like me and tend to pass out at the sight of the red fluid that runs in our veins.

And yes, you could see the bone. While the rest of us were celebrating at the finish line, Kit was in hospital getting his leg seen to.
And the doctors did a smashing job. Some people get an Ironman tatoo, others get stitches. There's a song in there somewhere.
Kit and Billy The Kid - well rested and ready to roll.
At swim class this morning I was told that everyone in the club has to do the Tough One. It's a 32k running race I think. I told them I don't do races which have adjectives in them. And yet, my legs are feeling pretty good and I'm thinking why not?
Keep it rolling,

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