Almost Famous

7 hours 23 minutes to get to the finish line. Not bad for a motley crew of black and white speckled cows. Behind me on the right was a roving reporter Andries Louw who hooked up with us and took some video clips. He did a report on the CHOC Cows which you can read if you click his name. He did a pretty good job .

Lots of things happened yesterday which were pretty memorable. Smoking bearings on my ice cream wheel bearings had to be watered down. They sizzled like sausages on a stove. Two ice cream bikes lost control on a sharp bend and sent their respective riders into the safety hay bales. My top speed on the last hill was about 70kph.

Doc Wayne broke his arm at the half way mark. The crash was caused by some wheel on wheel action. Of course he finished. Doc doesn't give up that easily.

As for Kit......
...he has one hell of a story. On one of the highway roads, he lost control of his bike (as it was being towed by two cow riders) and it veered sharply off and hit a barrier nearly sending him right over its edge down a 5 metre drop to the road below. Thankfully he managed to hang on the bike. His leg was hewn through to the bone (shaving off some of it!) and, aside from his protest that he wanted to continue, his bike was abandoned as he was dragged off to the hospital to get his leg fixed up, still dressed in his cow suit. The giggling nurses told him to be patient as the vet was on his way. Classic stuff.

Kit wears his 94.7 medal and Cow medal proudly and is on the mend. One hell of a way to spend a vacation.

What is on the cards now for the Cow Committee (pictured here with Alex Jay)? Well for one thing, this thing is way bigger than any of us could have imagined. And secondly it looks as though we have surpassed many of our self imposed targets. It's been one hell of a slog. And I think I need some downtime.
The kids will be happy though. And that makes me happy.
I'm going to rest up and do some Ironman training - far more relaxing than what we've just been through.
The after party is next week Tuesday,


  1. Wow
    looks like it was a real battle field. Glad you survived.
    Well done on all your and your team mates effort.

  2. Thanks JS! Some of the downhills were pretty hairy. I chickened out at about 65kph on the downhills. I have some other pics of Kit's accident but they are pretty gruesome. I might add them with a warning sign. My stomach does turn slightly when I see it though! Thankfully it looks like he'll be ok. No other cows were hurt on the day.