Cow Paraphernalia

That's Jake and Ben wearing their cow gear. All proceeds to CHOC. They (and my trophy wife) are my best supporters in all the world.

It's all happening at this year's 94.7 bike ride expo. Walking around with my udders swinging is pretty embarrassing but after doing it for the last few months at meetings, restaurants, radio stations, etc, you stop feeling the sting of the blood as it rushes to red on your cheeks.

The cows have come together in a big way. Since our radio interview this morning on a local Joburg radio station, Highveld 94.7, we currently have raised 1.9 million Rand. That's a lot where we come from and sufficient moolah to buy the kids a house for their Cancer treatement, a van to get them to the hospital and back, and there's some left over to update the two treatment wards at the Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital. And maybe there'll be a little something to get them prezzies for Christmas.

Tomorrow night all 140 cows get their gear from Alex Jay, a legendary DJ in these parts, and a plate or two of pasta.

The forecast is hot and rainy. I'm looking forward to getting outside.

Buckle up for this Sunday we ride,


  1. Robby
    You are amazing, well done on your commitment and dedication in raising money for cancer. You are a real inspiration to me

  2. Thanks Johan. It's been a busy few months and now I can relax as IMSA2010 training starts today!! I may be asking you for a few cycling tips in that front ;o)

    Yesterday's bike ride took us about 7h30m. I lost 3kg's in the process of peddaling the monster of an ice cream bike. Total money raised is now at over R2.1m. Amazing how generous people are. It renews my faith in the human spirit and that all people are good.

  3. Hey Rob
    awesome efforts there and well done for making a difference in those children's lives.
    Speaking of kids, how's my boet doing? I've heard that a cow on an ice-cream vending bike doing the high-speed-impact-dismount move against a road barrier doesnt make for a pretty sight. I'll confess, it sounds very surreal to me - kind of struggling to put the image together!
    Think I'll stick to running!

  4. Robby - you're a legend. Big horns for raising so much cash for the kids!

    Hope the IMSA training goes well.


  5. Hey Eric,

    I popped over at lunch to visit Kit. He is in great spirits and has massive bandage over his left leg. Doc said the gash was pretty precise which bodes well for recovery. Not sure how many stitches but it's a war story of note. I was able to hand over the cow medal to Kit. In the group of 130 cows, he has become a legend of note! They brought him into hospital still in his cowsuit and the nurses were saying the vet was on his way.

    The story was that he was going round a sweeping corner and the temperamental bike turned abruptly and smashed your boet's leg into the wall. Witnesses say he was lucky as anything as he nearly went over the highway barrier onto the road (a few storeys) below. Crazy stuff!!

    Doc does a check on Wednesday to ensure no infection and then he's up and running again. Will do a write up on the boy as I have pictures.

    Houston - all good at this end thanks. Very happy to have finished the race in one piece. Kit was the only cow not to finish. Another dude fell over and bust his collar bone or arm, finished the race and took himself to hospital. Cycling, as you know, is crazy stuff.

    IMSA training starts today. Looking forward to giving the Keeto training a go.

    Thanks for the messages boys.