Time is on my side........

OK - enough procrastination. There are 123 days left to Ironman South Africa which takes place on the 4th April 2009. From now until then I will transform myself into an uber-athlete. I have given up pizza and beer which should get me half way there :o)

I now weigh 72.6 kilograms.

Just this once I'll show you my weekly plans:
Mon – Swim PM
Tues – Run AM; run PM (5k TT with Jake and pram)
Wed – Bike AM; Swim PM
Thurs – 2hr run
Fri – 4hr bike; 1hr swim (with Jake; lots of kicking work with Jake holding the board)
Sat – rest
Sun – Energade sprint triathlon

From here on, I'll provide a weekly breakdown of how my past week has gone. I have Coach "kicka$$" Keeto who will be giving me key sessions and guidance along the way. Keeto keeps me honest with myself, and ensures I don't lie to myself during training, or on race day. If I can handle his sessions, I can handle the race.

By the way, for any novice Ironmen reading this, that training week has taken me a few years to be able to complete without imploding. The idea is to be able to repeat that week (base of 7 hrs p.w. , peaking to 17hrs p.w) until race day. My aim is to get my swim to 75 minutes, my bike to 5.5hours, my run to 2.5 to 3 hours. Simple.

The start of December, especially in South Africa, is the wind down to a Christmas by the sea. I'll be in Southbroom, about 100k's south of Durban. There are 3 psycho (in a good way) brothers, two Hawaii vets, my novice IM brother, Alby, and me who intend to get some training done whil ewe are there, and explore the surroundings. Sounds like an adventure.

Here's a piece I wrote in '05 for guys starting their first Ironman. I re-read my own stuff now and again, not for vanity's sake, but because one needs to take one's own advise to avoid the pitfalls of hypocrisy. And also to see if I have learnt anything new over time. One point from that article which has stuck with me and feeds nicely into my lumberjack-one-with-nature-maxims, is "Simplify your Life".

And so it begins......

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