Cows and Bikes

Donning a woollen cowsuit and cycling the 94.7 bike race didn’t seem like much of a challenge on paper. Especially since it was for a charitable cause. But then we actually did the event, and now it must go down as one of the best things I have ever done. And close to one of the hardest.

7 hours 38 minutes.

That’s how long it took us. And I was privileged to ride the ice cream bike for 35k’s or so, including HeartBreak hill. You’ll be happy to note that at no stage did we ever walk the bike up a hill. Having cows pushing helped. Thanks again to everyone who scraped their savings barrels and sent money in for a great cause. I know who you are :o)

All good things,
Our target was R150k and at the last count we had reach a total of R158,657.46.

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