I'm currently in London at the Keeto palace. Keeto is currently in nesting phase getting ready for the birth of his 1st littl'un. I've received instructions for the build up to Ironman South Africa (IMSA). Keeto (pictured above) is adorned with his contribution to Movember-moustaches against prostate cancer. He is my coach and mentor. His sessions are unorthodox but his philosophy is clear. Bearing in mind the athlete's absorption of the workouts, a simple plan where training is uncompromising is the key.

There is no easy way.

No excuses from now til the 5th of April 2009.

Training starts tomorrow.


  1. 悉怛多缽怛囉PLANETNovember 9, 2008 at 5:52 PM

    證據 時效

  2. Awesome! My first comment. And a howdy to you too.