Puzzle Pieces

50 hours and 13 weeks until race day.

50 hours of consistent December training. 13 weeks in the 2009 lead up to race day. Too many numbers and figures, so I won't worry about the big picture just yet. For now I'll concentrate on one week at a time.

This past week I managed to get in a good week of training:

Mon: 1 hour swim
Tues: 1 hour morning run; Evening 5k run time trial (20m56s) and warm down 25mins
Wed: 1 hour bike; 1 hour PM swim
Thurs: Long run 2h20
Fri: rest
Sat: Bike turbo power test 35mins
Sun: Sprint Triathlon 1h09m (20m47s run for the 5k)

Total: about 9hours

Aside from Roman's bachelors in 2009 where I may go *big*, I'm staying off alcohol and extremely late nights. The aim is to be ready to complete big weekend training ("BWT") by early January:- a solid brick session on the Saturday, followed by a long run on the Sunday.

No slouching on the Sunday run of course. These need to be done at goal pace. That'll be 3hrs30min marathon pace, or 4m56s per km pace. I've never come close to that in an Ironman but then I haven't been as specific or dedicated to an Ironman as this one. Plus I have Keeto to keep me honest. There's one thing letting yourself down, another letting your friend down!

Which reminds me, I need to tell you my thoughts about Memento. Lying to yourself and all that. We all do it, in many different ways. And lying to yourself is acceptable as long as you can justify it to yourself over time. Or learn how to forget quickly. Forgetting is usually easier, and less painful.

Don't listen to the voices,

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