Live and Let Tri

A while ago I spoke about putting together my Ultimate Intention Statement. Who would have thought that the legend himself, Dirk Bockel, would somehow find this blog and drop a comment? That is pretty awesome.

The picture above pilfered from is of Dirk consoling Scotland's Fraser Cartmell at this weekend's Abu Dhabi triathlon. Dirk was second overall, behind Eneko Llanos, earning himself a whole chunk of money in one of 2010's premier triathlon events. Spend it wisely my friend!

Read all about Dirk's adventures in his latest blog post - The Day After Abu Dhabi

As for my UIS, here goes nothing:
Swim under an hour:- IMSA had the worst conditions ever. Relaxed and chilled pre-race, in the water early, hugs to the team, off to the water. 1st buoy was swift and settled down into an easy swim for 1st lap behind a group of guys. Waves everywhere. Made me happy cos I knew it’d affect others badly. 2nd lap of the swim was chilled. Had a pee and stayed with group which splintered after last buoy. Lots of suffering with the currents. Took it easy.

Bike 5.40:- Smooth transition. Had everything on bike. 1st loop was smooth and easy. 2nd lap was fluid power. Kept HR low and did some spinning over big climbs and slow cadence work in big gear on flat sections. Stayed behind some solid cyclists who did the work. 3rd lap was hard but special needs bag made it very easy. Pizza was awesome!! Last 30k’s on the bike I felt bulletproof. 33kph ave.

Run 3.38:-
1st loop - held back under 147HR. 5mins per k focus after 3rd k which was really easy. Easy easy. 147HR max. Smiled a lot.
2nd loop - focused on form and relaxed jaw, shoulders, arms, stomach. Relaxed breathing. Especially in Uni section. Loving it. Started with coke and jelly beans.
3rd lap – harder and heavier. But I was ready. Legs felt very strong! Smooth running, caught runners up ahead who were slowing down. Last 10k’s was where the race started. Was able to keep HR at 149-150. Caught some stellar looking dudes in the last 3k’s. Some were going for it. I took them out tactically and quietly. Stomach was strong for last push.

Ultimate Goal: the slots rolled down to 9th position and I took the second Kona slot. I got drunk at the afterparty after I collected my slot and streaked at midnight.

I'd like to Spank the Academy,


  1. Always a good read Robby! As you know I have my UIS for IMSG after reading your post and I'm reading it most days.

    It's amazing how my attitude has changed towards the race - previously I had strong doubts about what was possible and how high I was setting my goals and expectations.

    Now I feel more confident, more able to believe, and my mindset is changing into one that will support my goals rather than work against them.

    Any how, the race itself is the real test! Hope all goes well in your last block of training.


  2. I agree that attitude to a task changes when it's written down and used as a constant point of reference. Making it public also keeps you honest and ensures that you put your ego in a little corner allowing you to focus daily on your goals. I also believe that calibration of the body with the mind helps keep everything in sync for the big day.

    I hope your training is going swimmingly! Don't forget we need your race report to show everyone what is possible after you break a collar bone. :o)