Ultimate Intention Statement

Sometimes pushups are not enough and you have to take it to the next level. I decided to add in Jake's bunnyrabbit, Nini, to my routine. You'll see her in Jake's clutches in the blurry picture. Be warned competitors - I am taking it one level higher.

Only 8 weeks to go to race day, not much time left. But I'm happy with life and content that I am fairly healthy and prepared to do some *hard training* for Ironman South Africa.
Last week I put in some time trials to gauge the effects of my training. The results:
  • 3k swim time trial - 46m34s. That's 1 minute and 1 second faster than 12 weeks ago.
  • 40k bike TT - 67m3s. I'm now in the 36 kilometre per hour category. I need to get this to 65mins in 3 weeks time.
  • 18k run TT - 95 minutes. That's 5min18s pace per k and needs to come down to 5 mins flat per k. My average heart rate was 139 for the run so I still have a few more heart beats per minute I can throw into the equation. I expect to see this come down considerably in 3 weeks time (otherwise there will be hell to pay!).
And now time for me to share the next nugget of training: the Mental Game.
Everyone should read Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist which will put you on the right track when it comes to games of the mind. This link below from Dirk Bockel seems to sum it all up.

Think it, dream it, live it,


  1. Good video Rob. Helpful...mazing what focus can do. Difference between a light bulb and a lazer. Both are lights but one is so focused it can cut through metal....

  2. I tried this mental practising a year ago and it's amazing that if you prepare your mind for certain things, your body tends to play ball. Note to self: Be The Lazer!

  3. Thnaks for using my Video - its magic stuff. Try and use it as much as you can. Its so powerful. All the best. Dirk@liveandlettri.com

  4. Hi Dirk,
    I feel like a groupie as I am a big fan of yours. Beijing was only exciting because of your brave break off the front. Very impressive. ;o) Thanks for allowing me to share the UIS - I have passed it on to many tri-friends (and normal friends), and they are all starting to see the power of getting the mind in sync with the body for race day (or whatever BIG occasion they have planned).
    Thanks for posting, Rob