Christmas Stories

Christmas for some, is a time of reflection, relaxation and good tidings. It includes morning lie ins and evening chill time in front of the fire watching embers of the evening clouds settling over a mirrored ocean. In my case I find myself in the role of super-dad. It is not a self-given title, but rather one forced upon me due to my position in the family and my love for a good woman.

Raising two boys is good fun especially if you're the dad. From the mom's side it might seem a bit hectic as boys have plenty of energy and don't always listen to instructions, no matter how clear they may be. Unless precise discipline and long bouts of quietude are part of the your character, raising kids can be a whole bunch of fun.

Below is me and Ben racing Jake in the paddling pool. Jake's competitive streak is coming out. He hates losing and will use all manner of pulling and blocking tactics to ensure he wins. Note his lunging-grip approach to bring me and Bulletproof Ben to the ground. I'm trying to teach him that honour and being noble is more important than victory. I have some way to go yet.

And now for the Christmas story which made for some legendary end of year entertainment. Jake had to get dressed for Christmas as a lamb in the manger and say a few words as part of the nativity play. He decided that he didn’t want to be a lamb because he doesn’t like lambs, or shepherds. Instead he wanted to be a chicken. So we said OK. On the day he was meant to say “Bah bah where is the baby?” which he turned into “Cockadoodledoo, where is the baby?” It had everyone in stitches.
If you called Jake a lamb he got pissed off and kept saying “I’m not a lamb I’m a chicken” which is a phrase which has been bandied around the house with much frequency since then.

Training update:- I managed a 111k bike ride on Saturday (4h57 including stops) and half marathon on Sunday (1h37m). Although I thought it was a pretty steady pace for both, my legs were pretty mashed afterwards. A sure sign that I have earned my rest week.

Are you a chicken or a lamb?


  1. Keep the Chicken picture handy in case Jake ever gets out of line...better threaten to pick him up at school wearing a that's a pix I want to see...

  2. LRC:- I almost forgot - I need to send you out a Speedo post! I will get on it. And I have plenty of ammo against Jake if he ever gets out of line (or famous).