Take No Prisoners

It has taken me 30 days to realise that I have grossly underestimated what it takes to be a Green Beret. Don't get me wrong, I think it is achievable for most athletically inclined and highly motivated individuals. However, it'll take more than 30 days of the Caveman diet and lifting weights to get the job done.
Here are the results:
  • - 100 push-ups in two minutes. Spot on. It was well paced effort but I nearly died in the process.
  • - 95 sit-ups in 2 minutes. 5 short. The stomach muscles wouldn't respond to my cursing.
  • - 12m33s. I was way off the mark for the sub-12.
  • - 14 chin ups. Hurt like hell. My body was still tingling from the run. 12 chin ups were required.
My form was rather poorly especially for the sit-ups where my fingers were slipping from behind my ears in order to reach my knees. I did the run on a treadmill due to rainy conditions. This made controlling the pace rather interesting and when I realised that time was running out, decided to increase the speed to 17.4 to see if I could make it. White bright spots in my eyes caused me to jump off the machine for about 10 seconds to avoid passing out.
Losing 4kg's in the last month made things a lot easier for my power to weight ratio, however I need to focus on consistent running and gym-work for the next month to hit my targets.
I was glad to see that I passed the Army Physical Fitness Test hitting 100% for the press-ups, sit-ups and run, managing even a few extra bonus points here and there. But Green Beret still sounds way more cool than APFT.
I'm not giving up.
And neither should you.


  1. looks like the little guy is well on his way to out doing dad And he'll do it with a smile on his face!!

  2. another thought. It's really weird what guys think about. Never in a million years would I ever think about doing push ups or sit ups in two minutes...But I have to admit I'd rather look at a guy with a six pack abs than one without...I recently picked up a men's magazine to read and it had a diagram in there on the best way to fill a moving truck...it was so bizare! In two million years that thought would never-ever cross my mind. Ever!

  3. You have touched on a very interesting topic. Why is it that some people are so different in what makes them do what they do? It may be too simplistic to think of women as gatherers and men as hunters and that's that. But sometimes that is just the case. I train so that one day I may get that sixpack and also because it makes me feel good. Why do I (and many others) attempt the Green Beret test? Not sure, other than I like telling people that I could've been a Green Beret and when they challenge me and I can show them my test results. I want to put my money where my mouth is. But that does seem very much like a guy thing. Do not forget, men are pretty simple creatures! I cannot understand why my wife likes reading about pop celebrities and keeping abreast with their ongoings when they are famous for nothing other than seeking the spotlight. Ho hum.