Dry Run

"Fashion fades, style is eternal." Yves Saint Laurent
The Army Physical Fitness Training (APFT) results are as follows for the 37yr old male subject:
- 72 push-ups in 2 mins (score 99 out of 100)
- 65 sit-ups in 2 mins (score 89 out of 100)
- 2 mile run 13.46 (98 out of 100)
APFT score = 286 out of 300 (300 is APFT pass requirement)

Pull ups 10 (12 is the target)

Not bad for having done zero exercise for 6 weeks. My soul, rather than my body, required the downtime. I have done plenty of DIY in the last few weeks with very little physical exertion other than rough play with Jake. I am surprised how quickly I lost my fitness. And gained an additional 6 kilograms. That was planned, and extra helpings and fast food assisted me in my quest. Now, can I lose it that quickly?

The exercises were very tough, however I managed to get through the 2 minutes by pacing myself on each set. I found the old school sit-ups really hard, especially with Jake pouncing on me every few reps. I am useless at pullups. And my running was debauchery.

Training starts on the 1st July. 5.15am. Time to get some rest.

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