City at the bottom of Africa

I know this has nothing to do with triathlon or fatherhood, but I needed to share this picture.

If you zoom into that spectacular picture, you will notice the new soccer stadium built for the FIFA Soccer World Cup Final in 2010. It's nearly finished and one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in the country. That's Table Mountain sitting on the horison keeping everything in check with the Indian Ocean on its left and the Atlantic Ocean on its right.

My wife comes from that city.

Need I say more,


  1. Shouldn't those oceans be reversed? Or is the mountain facing you, not turning its back on you? :)

    Either way - great pic.

  2. Hi Aaron, I took the left-right directions from the mountain's perspective, assuming the mountain's front is the harbour. :o)
    Looking at the picture, the Atlantic Ocean is on the only piece of water visible. The Indian Ocean is actually behind the mountain. It may have been better to say that in the first place!!
    I better check with my wife first before she tries to get me to relocate from Joburg.
    Cool stuff - thanks for reading,