Mich's UK Ironman Bike Shoes and The Kiss

Check out those bad boy plastic bag shoes. I told my friends, Mich (his shoes), Troy and Jamie, if they ever wanted to do a decent Ironman they should never do the UK Ironman. Too many hills, too much rain, not enough glory. And once again, as seems to be the theme in my life, no-one ever listens to me.

But the boys did me proud and made me realise that if you suck it up, anything is possible. They ripped up the course all going sub-12 hours.

Troy put some words together and shows what The Kiss cost him. Instead of being a sub 11.30 Ironman, he is now only a sub-12 Ironman (oh the shame).

And that, my friends, is the price of Love.

Here's how it happened......Troy's Ironman UK Report

Keep on truckin',

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