Cow Week is Upon Us

This is the most manic week of the year for The Cows.

In the past we would gate crash radio stations, drive around in a bakkie looking for the 94.7 ground patrol, bug commuters on their way to work, and generally make a nuisance of ourselves. People appreciated the sentiment and grew to love the annual stampede.

What we lacked in intelligence we made up in enthusiasm. But we have wizened and learnt to channel our efforts into more productive, and slightly less ludicrous, outcomes.

From a group of 6 we blossomed into a herd 350 strong for the 2012 Stampede. Like-minded individuals making a plan to help raise funds for a kids cancer charity, CHOC.

Since The Cows started up we have raised over R12m. Lots of moolah for a good cause.

Building of the new Kids Cancer ward at Baragwanath
My recent efforts have been into getting the Apocalypse Cows kitted out for race day. The ACs do the 94.7 twice: the first loop in under 3 hours, and the second loop as slow as possible. With all that time on the road, they need to look cool. Which is why the Elvis Cow suit was invented.

Below are a few snapshots of what my last few weeks have entailed:

DareDevil Run promoting Testicular Cancer Awareness. Lots of nutters in that group.
Numerous meetings at the designer to ensure the Elvis Cow suits are up to fashionable standards.
Weekly training rides and doing pace lines (or Indian Miners as my brother calls them) around The Cradle and The Lido.

Running with Erik The Viking up Table Mountain because I just so happened to be in the same city as my good friend on the best day Cape Town has probably ever had.

Getting dressed up as Angus Young, ACDC guitarist extraordinaire, for a mate's 40th.

Cow Week is finally upon us, and it is quite unlike any other week of the year.