Ice Cream Bike Cow

It's the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge this Sunday. Just under 100k's of cycling around Joburg's inner city and suburbs. There's lots happening as always. Fundraising, hell raising and cattle raising. There are about 350 Cows this year, 30 of which will be riding as Apocalypse Cows aiming for a sub-3hr first loop. I'm riding with the ACs and then on the second loop will be exchanging my bike for an ice cream bike.

I sat down with my designer friends in the office and asked for anything with (the often misunderstood) chains and flames for the ice cream bike design. The picture above is the result.

Now you just have to imagine chains and flames on the bike below, and you'll see immediately that I am a genius.

Rockin' and rollin',


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