The 2011 Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge

I unveiled The Hawk at Sunday's race. Amazing the reaction from friends and strangers. Jake called it as he saw it and said, "Dad, you look like a rock star!" He's a good kid.

The Apocalyptos, led out by De Wet (pictured above), started at the back of the VD group at Sunday's race. Here is my quick recap of the story and our attempt to bring 30 riders under sub-3 hours.....

The VDs used up most of their nitrous oxide in the first few minutes of yesterday’s ride. The speed took my expectations by violent surprise (like a virgin on prom night) when after a few minutes on the highway, whilst holding onto the wheel in front of me for dear life, De Wet called out there was a split in the group.

Thwack! Just like that, our team of 30 was split into two.

The gap behind us was half a football field in length. We thought that was the last we’d see of the 15. And slowly we checked some of the guys who had been caught unaware by the violent acceleration of the VDs, slowly bridging their way back. John Littlewood and Brian Smith worked like demons to bridge their way across. Little by little they turned their legs, gnashed their teeth and after a few minutes of tough work rejoined the herd.

We thought that was the last of the Apocalyptos who would make it, and then Daniel Rifkind appeared in the distance. Mouth open, chugging like a freight train, he had not given up the fight. Like that scene in The Wild Geese when Richard Harris is wounded and trying to get onto the moving aeroplane whilst being chased by angry natives and their spears, Daniel worked like a Spartan to get back to the group. It was one of several noble efforts I saw through the day – of grit and determination and never saying die.
Captain De Wet (pictured above) was on form and immediately assessed the damage. Neither of us expected that the damage would be caused way before St Andrews hill. He took the bull by the horns and took a tactical (and correct decision) to drop off the VDs. Andries and Desmond excused themselves and went with the front boys. Both showed their pedigree with Andries going 2.38 and Des going 2.34 (4th in the group). Always good to know that people are made aware that The Cows can cycle hard if they need to. Although Paps could have been there with the fast boys, the guys are *very grateful* that he chose to stay back and drag our sorry a$$e$ around the course and lead the team in.

Despite backing off the pace on the hills, some started to feel the effects of the initial pace and workload. Both Daniel and Brian popped off the back after some tough riding, hanging in as long as they could. I’m sure if we go back to some of the hills by The Wilds, you’ll see pieces of Daniel’s quads and Brian’s lungs strewn across the road.

By the time we reached the Nelson Mandela Bridge – we were ten.

And that’s when De Wet took complete control. He worked the downhills and flats and slowly we started picking up the remnants from the main group. Two other guys came to us afterwards to say thanks, because it was staying with us that allowed them to finish in good time.
Steven Proudfoot’s race yesterday was pretty spectacular. Somehow Steve (pictured above) survived the first highway surge and stayed with the group when by his own admission, he’s a bit of a metronome diesel engine. The Randburg hills and every hill thereafter has been etched into every fibre of his being. He worked and suffered like a boxer and somehow made it to the finish line. Even the second loop wasn’t enough to wipe the smile off his face for his first sub-3.

Young Jaryd Browne led the team up some of the hills and flats and paid for it in bucket loads of cramps towards the end. He showed class in staying til the end. Kerrin told me afterwards that you pushed her up some hills on your second loop. She said it was like being on drugs. Power.

To the boys who finished in 2h52m, good job:- Clinton, Jaryd, John, Paps, Steven, Kenny, Andrew, Captain De Wet and Simon. Great team work.

Damian and Warwick made it sub-3 with a few seconds to spare. Impressive especially doing it solo.

To everyone else who hung in to the bitter end, good job on getting it done. As George said, “There was no-one around me, I felt like a post-Apocalypse Cow.”

De Wet – Captain oh my Captain, thank you for an awesome race and for keeping it together. It was like herding cats at one stage.

We did a second lap for good measure and joined Alby on his ice cream bike and helped pull that around the course. Hard hard work. Below is a picture of us taken with the Momentum girls while having a burger at the Petroport Steers mid-race. The Steers (like the free tequila and having your pictures taken with good looking girls) is somewhat of a tradition.

I like to moove moove it,


PS. The weekend would not be complete without taking the kids for a post-race ride on the ice cream bike.

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