Lions in Africa and the Socialites

I know it's late, but you'll be glad to know we made it to Goblins Cove in one piece.

Great ride from Bedfordview to Zoo Lake to Bryanston to Cedar Drive to Cradle of Mankind to Hekpoort. It was about 100k's and took us about 4 and half hours including some faff time watching some friends doing the Zoo lake run. Nick Stephenson hooked up with us at the zoo. He kept the pace honest and showed us the roads. Having someone who knows the area and where to ride single file is invaluable. Doug Stott was waiting for us at Bryanston which paired us up nicely and we then worked our way through to the Rhino and Lion Park. This is where we took a quick pic of us and the Lions (above). Only in good ol' ZA could you do such a thing.

It adds character and grit to the environment. And people wonder how we end up with tigers on the loose. Although adherence to rules is essential for a practical and safe society, having things like this is what makes South Africa special. You never forget you were once part of the wildlife.

As for blogging, I've noticed a huge amount of pressure with work, family, The Cows, the triathlon club and preparing at home for arrival of "le bebe numero troi". As I type I am on a flight to the UK and then on to San Francisco. It's the jetsetting lifestyle but when you are maxed out at work, there's little time to savour the moment.

I digress. This picture tells it all.
The biggest hurdle faced by most people I know is the relentless flurry of social engagements which fill the social calendar. I have a large family with lots of kids all over the place, so weekends are usually filled staring at Liquorice All Sorts and jelly babies while keeping an eye on the jungle gym.

Being an athlete is usually at the bottom of the list. I treat it as being a superhero. I don't tell anyone about what I do, I just get on with it in my Hyperbaeric Chamber, try not to get noticed and clean up after myself. That helps with consistency and clearing of the mind.

The next few weeks will be action filled with doing work for The Cows and helping guide the Apocalypse Cow Team to a 2h30m 94.7 Cycle race. That's pretty quick but I have some uber-cyclists in front of the pack so we may be able to get close. So far we have 180 cows and have raised R800,000. The targets are way too high (cos that's how we roll), but who knows - we may get lucky.

One week in San Fran will be actionpacked running around looking for triathlon stores to go perve over some bikes and running gear. With the dollar as weak as it is, I may even splurge.
Whatever you are getting up to in the next week,
give it horns and do not go gentle into that good night,

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