Good Times!

I don't endorse many companies, or people for that matter. However I do like companies (or people) that make me laugh. The lady above in yellow is Emily Miazga, a psycho Kiwi Canuk, who has won the Coast to Coast multisport race across New Zealand's South Island. She has her own cookie company:- How cool is that!
It struck me that in everything we do, we need to do things our own way, stick to our guns, have faith, do something new. Others may inspire or guide us, but in the end we need to make choices and do something original.
The picture reminds me that sometimes we need to take a leap of faith and do something memorable. Speaking of which, I'm heading out on a 100k bike ride this weekend to a place called Goblin's Cove. It's an unmapped road, and should be pretty good fun.
Time to get out of the box,

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