Comrades Road Trip 2011

Sunrise at just before 6am. Lots of yacking about work with Alberto kept the dawn-eyes away. Power Mdzunga, possible Silver (sub 7h30m) at Comrades this year, slept through it all.

Mesa, butte or Airwolf's Lair?

Comrades House (below) is where you can register for the race. You can also register in Durban. It is the original house set up for Comrades and contains the most informative collection of runner memorabilia ever, including some of the pictures below. I asked the friendly young lady at the museum whether she knew if Ryan Hall was running. She said she was not sure but she just met Josh Cox. I just missed the dude. Pity as I would have liked to have asked him a few poignant questions. I'm also thinking (does my mind ever rest?) that it's Josh Cox (ultra runner) who is the US celebrity doing the race and not Ryan Hall (marathoner).
Josh Cox (below). Word on the street is that he has no hope in hell of winning. We'll see Sunday.Collage of early Comrades days and Bill Rowan's inaugural victory in 1921.
First Ladies.
Fast Fordyce and all his victories. I dig Bruce. He is a South African legend.

Arthur Newton. Read the Lore of Running.

Hardy Ballington. Like Rob RiccHardy.

Wally Hayward used to run up and down my road in his 80's. True legend.
Bruce Fordyce. No need to say anything more.
Swimming Monkeys. You betterbelieve it. Actually he managed to jump to the side of the pool. Life in Durban is pretty grand.
Off to the airport to pick up the Blurs,

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