Comrades Marathon 2010

The Race of All Races is upon us. Not much longer to go now. You can follow me on under race number 47714 aka Roberto Riccardi. The office stuck up that poster outside my office. I was pretty impressed (semi-mushy) as they only found out that I was doing the race two days ago.

Breaking news on the run:
  • Ryan Hall is meant to be running the race. Not sure how true that is. We love Americans coming to try out our little South African race.
  • I will be in a running bus comprising of my brother, Alby, and my mates Keith & Steven Buhr. At this stage it looks as though Steven will be given the NO GO by the doctor which is a big pity.
  • I am gunning for a 8h58m Bill Rowan marathon. Last year I blew up at 39k's and finished on a crawl of 10h52m. Lots of pain there. I reckon I can hold until 65k's before things get sticky.
  • They have added 110 metres to the race. It is now 89.28 kilometres. Not sure why that is, but I certainly didn't train for that!!

Good vibrations,



  1. GOOD LUCK! (you insane person...)

  2. Good luck Robby - hope you get the Bill Rowan! Each year when I read about you doing this, I think to myself 'Should I do this?'.

    The answer always comes back no.

    You the man!

  3. Thanks Houston & Alex! It should certainly be a fun outing. I'll upload some cool pics from Comrades House. Lots of history in them walls!