Now that we're all shredded.....

....I see it's time to take what we've learned in the dungeons of triathlon and unleash it on the race course this Sunday at the Troi Sport Germiston Olympic Distance Triathlon.

I raced this about 2 months ago, and had an excellent race on nothing much than a large base of casual training. This time round, I've been to the darkside and back, so expect lots more out of the engine and chassis. Keeto has said I can "unleash hell" or "clean the pipes" if you will in order to prepare for the Ironman on the 25th. Now, coming off a few big training weeks I'm not the fresh daisy I once was, so it'll be interesting to see how things turn out.

I would really like to rip up the bike course and stick a sub 40 run split for the 10k. In my mind it's not that fast, so hopefully my legs get the idea and get the job done. Last time round I managed a 41.30 for the run, and a 2.11 in total. This time a sub 2.10 for a new PB would be just peachy .

Chomping at the bit,

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