Easter Eggs-aggerate

The Virgin virgin pool which awaited me today at lunchtime was spectacular. To have the pool to myself made me think a few things:- (1) my competitors are having an extra long lunch; and (2) I can choose any lane without fear of being punched in the head by a stray fist. My times for 100 metres are consistently under 90 seconds, and I feel as though eventually after several months of grindage (is that a word? it should be), I can feel the water.

This weekend past, was a pretty special family weekend. I juggled my training around to ensure that the focus was always on Sunday morning's Easter Egg hunt. I keep telling my son Jake that when I was his age, all I got for Easter morning was a stern piece of advice and a kick-in-the-pants. OK - that may not be entirely true, but I do feel that kids of today are spoilt with the amount of Easter eggs they get. I heard on the radio that kids eat about 1.5kg's of chocolate on Easter Sunday. No wonder we're heading towards an obese society full of instant gratification consumerism. To counteract this I said that Jake needs to do 10 push ups for each chocolate egg that he eats. Parenting 101 - feel free to pass on to your friends!

Furthermore, Natalie also allows Jake to eat an ice lolly in the bath. Ben, poor kid, just gets to chew on his plastic frog. I'm still thinking of a suitable exercise for allowing Jake this privilege.
With the extra time I have on my hand on the weekends since my training hours started to reduce, Natalie put me in charge of excursions. I went to the Joburg Zoo this weekend with the boys and their cousin, Sienna aka CC. I realised that I may have been walking too fast when both Jake and CC started complaining about their sore legs. I alternated between carrying them on my shoulders as we walked between the various cages. There's a massive gorilla at the zoo - very impressive. I also saw the saddest polar bear in the world. A polar bear in Joburg? Crazy stuff. Send them to Boulder Bay in Cape Town, the weather's much milder, plus the polar bear can have as many penguins as he can eat.
I am obviously getting fitter. Here's a quick snap of the kids who were slightly broken after their trip to the zoo.
Delayed gratification and exercise rocks!

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