T2 - that place in between your bike dismount and the start of the run.

The key here is simple. First off "Don't panic". You'll be thinking about the run in the last few k's of the bike. Spin the legs and loosen them up for the road ahead. Have that last drink of juice and think about the light feet that await you as you dismount. Key notes:
  • a graceful well practised dismount is crucial to starting off on the right (ahem) foot
  • leaving your shoes on the bike will save about 30 seconds. It will also be easier to run to your transition spot.
  • know where you need to park the bike. Things will be mirrored when you run back into the transition area.
  • once your bike is parked:- remove helmet, shoes, hat, gels, GO!
  • don't run like you stole something - just think "light feet, easy steps."
  • after five minutes of letting your heart rate settle, and shaking off that bike-legs-feeling think about opening up your stride

Mistakes you need to avoid:

  • you dismount leaving your shoes on the bike which get ripped off as soon as you start running
  • miss your bike rack. Panic. Ask a marshal where your shoes are. He ignores you. You panic some more.
  • start the run still wearing your bike helmet.
  • you forget where the run start is and run around transition looking like a rabbit dodging a the wheels of a large truck.
  • you try to overtake everyone who overtook you on the bike in T2 thereby detonating a few metres onto the run course.
  • you can't put your shoes on because your new super-speed elastic shoelaces were put on your shoes prior to the race without your feet in them.
Keep it Simple Steven,

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