The Run

That's Jake almost 18 months ago. He's a lot taller and faster now. Last week I pushed him and Ben in the Ironman Bob stroller in our local 5k time trial, and from the half way mark got off the stroller and ran to the end. He ran with huge leg turnover (and infectious conviction) and I wasn't able to catch him. It bodes well for the future.

He epitomises, to me, all that is required to be a good runner.

He runs gracefully with his feet light on the ground and flicking off lightly as the road passes underfoot. The top part of his body is leaning forward and most importantly, he is the happiest and most relaxed runner you have ever seen. His arms are relaxed and work rhythmically in tune with his legs and forward movement. He runs for the sake of running and not to cross any finish line.

The run part of the triathlon should be like this. You should not go too fast, you should not go too slow. You should start off gently and with purpose focusing on light fingers, relaxed shoulders and feathers on the feet. As your body gets used to the sensation of running you should think about leaning slightly forward and increasing the pace. Beware of over-striding and extending the legs so that you break your rhythm. Once you are running well, concentrate on increasing your turnover rate before increasing the speed. Speed will come to you, not you to it. Focus on your heart rate, exertion rate and the feeling in your legs.

Bring me that horizon,

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