Speedo Illustrated

Since the dawn of time, Man (and in this case I mean Man and Woman), has been interested in his (or her) appearance. Whether it be to attract the interests of a potential spouse, or detract from the aggressions of an enemy(or potential spouse), the external accoutrement has always been designed to be noticeable and on occasion, comfortable.

Very few garments can boast to ticking both these boxes. Sure a T-shirt is comfortable and can be cool if worn with jeans while you lean up against an old Chevy, but you've got to iron the darn thing lest you want to look like wrinkled feet in a long hot bath. Even jeans would fit these categories, however the question needs to be asked: are jeans really that comfortable when it's been raining? Yes, it may accentuate the quadriceps and glutes, I accept that, but could you bend over and tie a shoelace? I think not.

Aside from the often vilified headband which is quite clearly both snug and attractive, the only other garment which fits this category is *The Speedo*. Ok, it probably wasn't always known as The Speedo, but its derivative is without a doubt the requirement for velocity in a liquid environment. Even in Hawaii, Laird (pictured below) has not taken full advantage of this power piece in the water. When was the last time you saw someone who had the balls to wear a Speedo in the ASP World Tour? You know they'd win the things hands down. One could never extract the same mobility from a pair of board shorts.
Looking at the recent fashion trends one can see that body hair may be the only hindrance to the wearing of this fine piece of fabric. Otherwise it's rather pleasing on the eyes, for both sexes.

Faux pas? Or stroke of genius?
But, it seems, wearing The Speedo has become somewhat Old School. Only the brave and the bold are prepared to insert themselves into one of these bad boys. Our man Gordo (below) has never been one to waiver in the face of popular fashion and has embraced retro in a manner tantamount to his pursuit of acquiring as much free speed as is available.

And of course, there are those few that have little fear and will do what it takes to smuggle those budgies. That's BF on the right. He ran under 11 seconds for the 100 metres in high school. You don't get calves like that sitting around doing arithmetic.
It is only a matter of time before the next generation gets on board and realises the power and style of the somewhat overlooked thunder-garment.
Keep pushing those limits,

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