Spinning Cows

It's all happening in Johannesburg in the next 2 weeks. There's a bike/race expo, lots of committee meetings and spinnathons. As part of our efforts to raise money we're doing some interesting fund raisers in preparation for the 94.7 bike ride. Most of it involves begging and bugging. Famous Brands arranged free Debonairs Pizza bike outfits which we sold at the spinnathon. African drummers provided the music on the day. Pretty legendary. That's my brother, Marco, on my left with Steven to his.

And then there was the Halloween spinnathon (see below). Mark, on my left with the larger udders, nearly smoked himself within the first 15 minutes of the spinnathon due to heat exhaustion.

The ride on the 15th November should be a whole lotta fun. I'm pretty drained from all the fund raising and can't wait to just get out there on my single gear ice cream bike and go find me some adventure.

Love milk?


  1. Hi Rob.
    Well done on you for devoting time to raise funds and good luck.
    Ps: You can use the picture, no problem

  2. An article on the Speed Demon Stemmet - coming soon to a blog near you.

    Thanks Johan.