Ironman v Comrades: The Tattoo Showdown

Putting ink to skin has become rather fashionable for triathletes. It's probably due to the fact that we don't wear much when we race (aerodynamics and all that), but also because when you're fit, you're invincible. And what better way to cement that invincibility, but with a tattoo.

So what's harder from a pain perspective? In my view, Comrades (90k run) is much harder. OK - maybe I didn't train appropriately for the run, but still, I've never had an out of body experience in an Ironman (3.8k swim; 180k bike; 42.2k run). But then I don't have the Ironman water-death-fear, nor have I ever truly overexerted myself in one.
What it comes down to is this. Ironman tattoos are pretty cool. Lots of colour, imagination and the look is somewhat gladiatoral. Whereas, when I look at the Comrades tattoo (last pic below), it looks pretty much what I'd expect a prison tat to look like. Now that is hardcore. Even if you didn't administer it to yourself with a dirty needle while on a brief spell behind bars for nefarious offences.
Click on the Ironman pic below if you want to see a cool blog with lots of Irontats.

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