Wimps in Lycra

The old days are gone. Men are not what they used to be. Women are burdened by an abundance of social complexities. Children are praised for their mediocrity. Nowadays anyone who takes the stairs instead of the escalator is seen as a glutton for punishment. We harness technologies to lessen the hardships of our human condition in order to save time for the harnessing of more technologies. We are in a never ending spiral of sloth and, bridled with our hunger for tabloid excess, we are a lost breed.

Evolution has changed its course. We've pinnacled and are now heading for a life of opulence and deck chairs with rubberised siding. Let us take a look at the current Tour de France. As I have mentioned before in How to Cycle, races are getting shorter and easier. In order for our hunger for speed, we forego the pain required to harness such speed. Performance enhancing chemicals are an accepted way of life to deaden the pain and adrenalise the muscles in order to attain prize monies. Victories are hollow and cheapened by lack of honour and instant gratification. That aside, the TdF is getting shorter. Ever since it's mammoth 1923 race of 5,386 done in 15 stages with the gargantuan solo stage of 433 kilometres, the roads and techniques have improved, and yet the distances have become shorter.

In 2009, the race is 3,500 kilometres long with the longest stage of 224 kilometres.

How soft is that?

Bring back the muscle suits,


  1. forget muscle suits...bring in the Speedos!!!now that's a race I'd like to see....

  2. I hear you LRC! Let me have a look in my arsenal of famous-athletes-in-dodgy-speedo-pics and send something out.