What Cavemen Eat

When you eat like a caveman, you have to use your imagination. Eggs, sardines, tomatoes, left over risotto and colourful veggies are the way to go. Much easier than looking for the Dominoes Pizza phone number.

And when that is not enough, there's always a trough of fruit to get stuck into.

To be honest, I am thankful that this is just for the month. The thought of a family size pizza on the 1st August (for me only of course) is what keeps me going.

I am now down to 72kg's.

Hanging in there,


  1. Wow! you are one dedicated guy! but the truth is you get some what use to it after a while. I'm on a no gluten diet and now I don't miss bread anymore. But pizza...well that's another story. I've been looking to go on a macrobiotic diet, maybe I'll give myself one junk food week to eat all the pizza and burgers that I can stuff before I go on it...

  2. I have noticed my energy levels have increased and I don't suffer from afternoon slumps anymore. The pizza urge is one craving that never really goes. I'm interested in your macrobiotic diet. Sounds painful!

    Let me know how you get on. I have one more week til the end of Caveman month. I have my sights on a family size pizza after my Green Beret test. Can't wait!