The Wisdom of Jake

That's Jake doing one-handed push ups at the age of 2. Don't look at me, I didn't teach him that. My wife doesn't like my ideas of training a world triathlon champion from birth, so I'm forbidden from making his training too arduous.

Of course I am kidding. It's all about play and fun stuff until Jake lets me know otherwise. One thing about Jake (who is one cool kid) is that he comes up with things, which in retrospect seem wiser than his years. Or even my years. So as an added feature to this blog, I'm adding Jake's wisdoms lest we forget his view of the world.

Recently my wife spoke to Jake about the imminent birth of our second kid alias Peanut. Here's how it went:

Jake: Is Peanut sleeping in your tummy?

Natalie: That's right. Peanut is asleep.

Jake: But Mr Sunshine is out?

Natalie: I know but the light is off in mommy's tummy.

(After thinking for a few seconds)
Jake: Did Peanut switch the light off?

As I said, very wise kid.

One more week to Peanut's great escape,


  1. That's one gorgeous kid! Looking forward to seeing peanut's debute soon! BTW know how many calories are in a bagel? there's a debate at work and I say about 350. Suppose I could goole it but that's too easy.

  2. Thanks Lilly. My wife's genes I think.

    Mmmmhh - I like bagels! It depends on what type of bagel. Simple ones are less than 100 cals, others depending on size/content could be up to 250cals. If you're hungry - go for it. The key is not to starve yourself, so that by the time you get to the bagel shop - you buy 3 bagels ;o)

  3. I guess 350. Most people thought about 400. Didn't realize it was about 100 or so. We google it and found it was about 235-275 (not including cream cheese.)Now we're trying to see which is better for you? Arby's roast beef sandwich or a slice of pepperoni pizza. Don't ask me who comes up with this stuff...