Big Ben

8 minutes old and already eyeing out the world, Ben was evacuated from mom by force with the aid of an escape crew involving doctors and nurses. 49cm long and 3.245kgs of pure muscle, we expect him to be doing hills reps in his running pram by the weekend. My 21k run was missed due to watching the all night entertainment alongside a guerney. Wouldn't have missed his arrival even I was guaranteed a spot on the podium.

Now to keep up the training on no sleep.


  1. Congrats Robby (and Nats too)! Now there are 2 prospective Kona champs in the clan who can duke it out for honours in years to come, whilst you and Keeto fight it out in the later age groups.

    Currently I'm planning on visiting SA in Nov, so perhaps I'll be able to drop in on you guys in Joburg.

  2. A visit to the African sub-continent from Houston! This is good news. Please let me know when you are coming over so we can make a plan and show you around. It's gonna be a lotta fun. Mi casa su casa, hombre.

  3. congrats on such a handsome baby boy! May he grow healthy, handsome and out runs his Dad!!