The Growler - Johannesburg's Most Offensive Running Road Event

The Growler is a 23km road run. It has one page which acts as a website. The first words on it state: 

"No comments about the route, no marshals, no prizes, no timekeeping, no drinks tables, no t-shirts, no whining!"

It was described to me as a runner's descent into the Dante's Inferno of central Johannesburg where few survive and none forget. The first part is a slight exaggeration, the second is spot on.

Sometimes words are not required if you have enough pictures. Here goes....

Informal formalities
Pomp and Circumstance

Louis Botha - one of Johannesburg's primary and oldest roads

Congo Dust also provided
Into the heart of darkness

Vote EFF
All coffee money goes to helping Bethany Home for Abused Women.

SA flag
Clean lines

Funky Pants
157 runners
Rob and Luis - Growler Selfie
View from Nelson Mandela Bridge
Big art
Little art
Go West my son!
African Tree

Bertrams left, Braamfontein right
Welcome to China (City)

Caballo Blancos
The Magic Corner

Winding roads and shortcuts

Small runner
Jacaranda on Munroe Drive
Electric Fence
Two hadedas

Beer in the ear

Post Race House 
Sponsored by Loxton Beer 
No-one leaves the reserve and survives,

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