The Laboratory

The weeks of lab work are beginning to blossom. A training Christmas holiday in Cape Town where I threw together 40 runs in 50 days together with biking excursions with my friends were catalysts for hitting the ground running in January. And which led to me squeezing out a third place at the Central Gauteng Triathlon Champs in the first weekend of February. Lab tests are still being conducted as to whether I donated an Achilles tendon in the pursuit of the podium.

Check out the aero helmet. It's the second time I've worn that bad boy. Money well spent I say. It's taken me about 9 years to get to that position, which - although not Cancellara pretty - is a sight better than when I first started.

My wife is concerned that the two piece reveals too much gut. She politely advised that I buy the Central Gauteng one piece trisuit for South Africa Champs on 17 March in East London. My scale has confirmed that it will be 2kg's lighter by then. 
My overall time was 2h01m which nabbed me third place. An incredible and unlikely PB as the bike and run sections were way to short. Swim time was 26 minutes, bike was 1h02m; and run time 33m. First place was 1h55m, 2nd place 2 hours flat. 
Although I feel on top of the world, there is much work to be done. I'm doing my utmost to avoid having to do any pool running, but alas, I don't think I have any other options. Time to man up.
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