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The picture above is from the 2003 South Coast Classic Triathlon - Nikolai, Brettsky and me. The Wonder Years.
Race 1

Quick race update: I was first (of the non-podium finishers) in my age group (40-44) at the Central Gauteng Triathlon Champs at the beginning of February.

There was very little ego-stroking after the race which was unfortunate. I enjoy the results lists which they usually pin up post-race. Everyone gathers around the tiny illegible names and numbers, comparing, pointing, and uhming and aahing. Of course the lists are a good idea only if I have done well. Otherwise it's a silly idea (see Race 2).

It was a good solid scrap of a race. I wasn't firing on all cylinders, or feeling as though I was bullet-proof, so I was apprehensive as to how I would fair against the other racers. As it turns out I shouldn't worry too much about how I feel but just RACE. Adrenaline masks the weak mind rather well.

As it happens my good friend, Nikolai, was racing. We were all buddy-buddy (think subterfuge) before the race, but when the siren went, boy did it get ugly. OK - I admit I'm exaggerating for effect - but after Nick stormed by me on the bike I realised that he was about to kick my butt all over Germiston lake. Nick is, let's not forget, a Northerner. It would be the ultimate insult if he beat any East Rander, let alone me.

Nick sent me some interesting information. Here are our 2003 London Triathlon results:

RobbyRicc TOTAL 02:14:11 Swim 00:23:57 T1 00:02:59 Bike 01:07:48 T2 00:01:34 Run 00:37:54
Nikolai TOTAL 02:33:47 Swim 00:21:36 T1 00:03:26 Bike 01:12:52 T2 00:02:50 Run 00:53:05
Here are the recent Germiston triathlon 2012 results:

RobbbyRicc TOTAL 02:08:31 Swim 00:24:47 Bike 01:01:28 Run 00:42:15
Nikolai TOTAL 02:09:07 Swim 00:25:36 Bike 00:59:10 Run 00:44:21

Consistency eventually turns to speed I guess. And Nick has been closing down the gap for almost a decade...

Race 2

At this last week's Prestige Ultra Half Ironman race, Nick finally had his come uppance and destroyed me in the process. He podiumed in 3rd (with a blistering 4.26 PB) while I hobbled to the finish line in 8th in 4.50. Good things, so they tell me, come to those who wait.

It was a great race. My swim was immaculate and I, despite nearly being steamrolled by Nikolai on the bike (sound familiar?), had a solid ride. That was until air expelled itself from my front wheel with 5k's to go of the 85k bike course. Unless I see proof of a tack or sharp needle, I usually blame poor equipment selection when people puncture. In this instance, I had fairly new gear and could only look in wonder as the air, a bit like my will to continue, slowly deflated. I like to think it took me 14 minutes to fix the tyre thereby earning me a bike split faster than Nick's, but alas it was probably closer to 8.

The run was a bit like my flat tyre. My left calf which has of late been going Greece on me, failed to hold up in the run, forcing me to switch off the engine and limp home. Even with all guns blazing, I doubt I would have been able to track down Nikolai who had a pearler of a day. It would have made for an epic battle however, and I'm sure I could have eeked a few more minutes out of Nick if he saw me gunning for him. I apologize for not giving him the satisfaction of crushing an uber-RobbyRicc. I know he needs that extra bit of motivation.

Nick's times: Swim 00:32:13 Bike 02:13:56 Run 01:40:33

Rob's times: Swim 00:30:31 Bike 02:26:17 Run 01:53:15

Below is my I'm-coming-for-you-Nikolai! pose.

My next race maybe the Big One. I think. Racing tends to dent me somewhat (my off button is defaulty in matters of adrenaline) so I would prefer to fix up the chassis and have all guns blazing for Ironman South Africa on 22 April.

I'm still untrusting of Nick who said he's not racing Ironman. That sounds like a crafty manoeuvre I would pull.



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