The Eagle has Landed

Registration has been done. I am number 47714. You can track me online HERE. I will be running with my brother, Alberto, and my mate, Keeto. Running is an overly ambitious word. We will be walking, we will be running, we will be ambulating. Soaking it all in. The target time is 10.48.

Keeto's wife said she will drag him off the course at Hillcrest about 37k's into the run. Here are some happy snaps from our time here in Ballito Bay. The weather is cold and blustery. Good for cooling the runners.

Fruit and Comrades wine. A Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2008. From the Reebok Estate.
Views of the white caps. Ballito is about a marathon away from Durban.

Gotta love Keeto. Here is his room. Note the three bikes it contains.

Ben and Peyton could have been brother and sister. How did Keeto and I end up with blonde kids? Amazing.

1 day 9 hours,


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  1. Robby

    Have an awesome day out there! Looking forward to the race report.