Big Gear Workout

21k's to the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge finish line. 21 Nov 2010.

I received this picture today via Facebook. It made me smile. Leading the pack on an ice cream bike is one thing. Giving the "peace out" sign while overtaking the novices takes it to a new level. Stand back Mr Cancellara. I was feeling pretty power at this stage of the ride. 20 or so k's to go and I was moving through the ranks like Pacman on a feeding frenzy.

There's beauty in looking at a frozen point in time. At this stage of the ride, my focus was on the Big Hill. It's a monster climb lurking 6k's from the finish line which I had vowed to conquer. Two years prior, the climb had ravaged my legs with cramps so much so that I had to be lifted off the bike until the pain eased. I finished, but my legs didn't speak to me for weeks after.

At the time of the photo, the core of the Apocalypse Cows had all but vanished. I needed at least two strong riders to help push the bike and was using my field marshall skills to ensure my riders remained watered and fed.

Little did I know that 5 minutes later, I'd be dusting myself off after bailing at 25kph into, and flipping over, a roadside steel barrier. Somehow I didn't break anything but the twisted steel of a wheel had to be fixed. It's interesting how a nemesis of a Big Hill changes into Get-To-The-Finish in a manner of seconds.

Looking at the picture now, I was oblivious to the potential risk that lay ahead.

There's poetry in that. Somewhere.

Whatever you do Get-To-The-Finish,

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