Love and Bicycles

It's time to detract the nerves from thoughts of Ironman South Africa and my Achilles. Without forward motion, death is inevitable.

Make sure you are sitting down. Hold onto your coffee mug handles. Below is the new bad boy. I have yet to test its true velocity however initial tests have revealed that all competitors need to be afraid. Very afraid.Although it didn't come with the Zipps, my Cosmic Carbones should do the trick. It also has a PowerTap which has yet to be set up. That's what Winter is for.

If you look closely enough you'll see that its former owner had his name tattooed alongside the South African flag. Instead of having the name removed I've decided to christen the white lightening bike as "Keeto".

  • Killing Every Existing Thing Out-there.

  • Kanisha Emily Eve Teresa Oriana
Jury is still out on the acronym. I'll decide once I've ridden her a few times. As for those of you who think that love for one's bike can be a bit weird, before you judge me, it's best you read this article about the man who had sex with his bike. To celebrate this new union of man and machine, I have dedicated a song to Keeto. Hey beautiful - can't take my eyes off of you, RobbyRicc


  1. Finally Robby you have a real TT bike! Man you will fly on that thing. Make sure you get one of those dumb looking aero helmets too :)

    No point in taking a knife to a gun fight..

  2. Aero helmet!? I knew I forgot something. I have added to wishlist. Tick.

    Grazie Houston!