Silver Comrades - Plan of Attack

Things are moving along nicely. The swim goggles and the bike are packed away. The Year of the Runner has begun.

I've nudged my weekly mileage from 35k's running per week, to 50k's per week and this week's target is 75k's. I am on the Silver Comrades training plan and the aim is to run an "Up Run" silver in 7h28m. That's about a 3.30 marathon to the half way point. But, they tell me, the first half of Comrades is the one of the hardest standalone marathons that you'll ever run. The aim is to become bulletproof in January, slowly increase the mileage and learn to run 5 mins per k, and faster if required, for everything.

It's about speed and strength and mental fortitude. I have this feeling that a Silver attempt will be less painful than my first Comrades when I blew myself to shreds. Unless I get it wrong, of course. Then, best to have your camera and a bucket to hand.

I'll try keep my future blog posts short and sweet to act as a guide for anyone attempting a Silver Comrades. If I succeed, which I plan to, then this will be of interest to anyone trying to do the same.
The aim is to do it with a 1 Dec to 29 May mileage of 2,100k's, peaking at 112k run weeks in March. The key races for me and my brother, Alberto, are:
  • 29 Jan - Ottosdal Marathon (first marathon)
  • 6 March - Vaal Marathon (fast one 3.10)
    26 March - Long Tom Pass Ultra 56k's
  • 9 April - Comrades Warm Up Run 50k's (Polly Shorts)
  • 17 April - Club Long Run 60k's
    BIG Weekend: 1 May Colgate 32k/ Wally Hayward Marathon (in 3.30)
  • 15 May: RAC 10k (PB attempt. Current PB from several years ago = 37.09)

I also need to get my weight under control and will gently take it down from 73 to 67kg's for race day. Running and better nutrition (mainly portion control) should get me there without too much stress.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Run Forest ....,



  1. R
    Best of luck with the silver bullet plan. I know you will succeed.

  2. Thanks Johan.
    A friend of mine who is in his 60's (old school) reckons my fast marathon should be a sub 3 to be ready for an Up Silver. So I'm gunning for a sub-3 at the Vaal on March 6th. My closest is 3.01 so should be fun!