The DC and the War Cry

We live in a day and age of heavy metal and Rock 'n Roll. Oh dear, I seem to have fallen asleep and woken up in the twenty tens. Did we miss it all?

Fear not - I have acquired, at long last, the quintessential ACDC Live album. Something to get me fired up on race day morning. I've asked Natalie to play it as I run past the apartment which is on the bike/run course, but unfortunately she doesn't want to be embarrassed.

I even had a playlist:
Back in Black - loop 1
For Those About To Rock - Loop 2
Highway to Hell - Loop 3

Alas, tis not to be. I'll just have to let the music play on in my head.

As for the finish line, I have been thinking of my war cry. Torbjorn Sindballe was said to have been heard from 4 miles away when he got bronze in Kona. I will have to man up and let the voice drop a few octaves when I unleash my bloodcurdling cry.

I'll look something like the guy in the picture below. Without the nicks, sword and beard of course. And is that an arrow protruding from the poor chap's chest?

Can't wait for the blue carpet,

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  1. Have a great race Robby - will be checking progress on the tracker